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DIVE - Greed fear pain
Greed fear pain

Welcome to DIVE - a world filled with greed and suffering... You have to go through the difficult path of a diver-researcher of the deep sea

Робот AITI - Incredible sorting
AITI Robot Incredible Sorting

Help the cute robot AITI cope with incredible sorting

DIVE 2.0
Greed, fear and pain

Improved sequel to DIVE


The whole world will fall before your greatness


Take your fingers and run!

January 2019


Development of the game "DIVE - Greed Fear Pain" began in January. Within a month, the type and genre of the game were determined, the concept and development of the player were spelled out. Among the tools, the choice was made on the open cross-platform 2D and 3D game engine "Godot". Implementation of the server in PHP.
The game genre is high difficulty arcade with a top view.

May 2019

First site

The first game is ready. To promote "DIVE - Greed Fear Pain" you need a promotional website. At the end of the month, the website dive.usite.pro went live. Now you can start publishing DIVE to marketplaces.

June 2019

Beta test DIVE

Checks, testing, verification and... Publishing DIVE on Google Play! But who will play? Advertising and promotion tools were mastered. The result is the first players and a loyal audience. We need to develop further.

July 2019

New site

The decision was made not to stop at one game and move on. A separate website has been created for all games - www.wkr-games.ru.

August 2019

Release DIVE

It was complicated. The journey is six months long and here they are - unforgettable emotions from the release of the first game! Feedback from the players gave energy to develop the next one.

November 2019

Alpha test and release robot AITI - Incredible sorting

Really incredible! In just 3 months, a completely finished puzzle game has been released, which is suitable for both children and adults. The game has taken off in Asian countries! People from Turkey, China, Indonesia and Cyprus continue to play it without advertising.

December 2019

Start of development of DIVE 2.0 Fear, greed and pain

A lot of reviews about DIVE gave me the idea to continue developing the game and think about a global update. Rebranding is planned.

May 2020

Updated website and domain

The domain wergokr.ru was purchased. Brand colors and logo created. The site is functioning with a new design. 

July 2020

Freezing DIVE 2.0 and level up

Coronavirus has hit everyone. During isolation, new technologies were studied. We are taking a break from creating new projects and focusing on supporting and developing existing projects.

July 2022

Start of AddWorld development

Hurray! We took into account past experience and announce the start of a new project "AddWorld Strategy"! Multiplayer real-time strategy will not leave you indifferent! We invest all the experience and knowledge accumulated over the course of our existence to make an exciting and high-quality product. The engine remained the same, but to implement the server, the choice fell on the Golang language.

September 2022

New website and more

Time passes, trends change and so does our design. Rebranding for all sites and a new short, memorable domain wergo.ru.

6 December 2023

We are open to cooperation! 

We are open to cooperation! If you like our projects or have ideas for new projects and are ready to support us financially, then feel free to write about it to support@wergo.ru.

We will be glad to hear all questions and suggestions at support@wergo.ru